User Guide

A guide to opening the South Circular on your smartphone.

On your iPhone, you can read The South Circular using iBooks. if you don’t have iBooks installed, go to iTunes on your iPhone and search for iBooks (it’s free!) and install. Once it is installed, it should find the ePub on your phone and be available on your bookshelf.

Android users have a much greater choice in eReader, though the one we recommend is Aldiko. If you don’t have Aldiko installed on your phone, go to Google Play on your Smartphone (the Android Market on older models) and search for Aldiko Book Reader. Once you install it on your phone, open the application. When you open the reader for the first time, go to Files and to the folder entitled download. From there, you can select your ePub and it will be available on the Aldiko Reader home screen, on your Shelf View, back.