We are now open for submissions for issue 11, due to be published in September. 

Each issue of THE SOUTH CIRCULAR publishes up to four stories at a time.

You may submit your story to between 3 and 25 July  2014.


Submitted stories should be formatted as follows:

→ Sans serit font, double-spaced

→ Font size: 12pt

→ New paragraphs should be identified by indenting the first line (by using the TAB key)

→ New sections should be identified by inserting a line space or a * between paragraphs

→ Do not indent the beginning of each new section

→ Black text on white background

→ Unjustified

→ Number all pages

In addition:

• The word limit for submitted stories is 2,500 words.

• Please submit your story, as an attachment and in the body of the text, by email only, addressed to The Editor, and sent to

• All submissions should include a short author biographical note. When we say short, we mean 3 or 4 sentences. When we say sentences, we mean snappy and syntactically correct sentences. We don’t need your CV/resume! If your story is published, this biographical note will be published in full.

• Pretty as you no doubt are, we don’t need a photo of you.

• Please tell us where you heard about the call for short stories for THE SOUTH CIRCULAR.

• THE SOUTH CIRCULAR enlists the expertise and opinions of a select reader panel. While all submissions are read by the editor, each member of the reader panel receives a limited number of stories to read in each quarter. You may not agree with the editor’s decision, but it is final.

• THE SOUTH CIRCULAR offers an honorarium to writers for their stories.

• We ask that your story be unpublished at and up to 12 months after the publication of the issue of THE SOUTH CIRCULAR in which it appears.

• Copyright remains, in all cases, with the author.

• Unfortunately, THE SOUTH CIRCULAR cannot provide a feedback/editorial service.

• Writers may be from, or resident, anywhere in the world but all stories must be written in English.

• Only one story may be submitted at a time. If your story is not published in the upcoming issue, it’s always possible we’re just keeping it for a later issue.

• And, unless we really, really, really like your work, it’s unlikely that we will publish more than one of your stories in any one year.

• THE SOUTH CIRCULAR is an e-journal of short stories ONLY. We do not review/criticize work. Please don’t ask us to.


→Author’s full name

→Author’s email address

→Short author biographical note

→Story title


→Word count

→Date of submission

And another thing …

Here at THE SOUTH CIRCULAR we like a lot of different story writers, but some of our favorites are: Kevin Barry, Donald Barthelme, Raymond Carver, Mary Costello, Richard Ford, Claire Keegan, Benedict Kiely and Alice Munro.

We also really dig McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, Paul Auster, Saul Bellow, Wilkie Collins, E.L. Doctorow, Gerard Donovan, Umberto Eco, Mavis Gallant, Anne Enright, Henry James, Robert MacLiam Wilson, Flann O’Brien, Grace Paley, Annie Proulx, J.D. Salinger, Colm Tóibín, Evelyn Waugh and many more alike.

We ask that you bear these in mind when deciding whether your story is suitable for THE SOUTH CIRCULAR.

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