What is THE SOUTH CIRCULAR made of? 
THE SOUTH CIRCULAR is an e-journal which is published as an epub (electronic publication) file. Epub is a publishing tool which produces a file which is readable using numerous types of software (Aldiko for Android and iBooks for iPhone & iPad). More information about epub can be found here. We use epub because it is free and relatively easy to work with.

THE SOUTH CIRCULAR is also available in PDF. This file can be downloaded to your desktop computer in much the same way.

THE SOUTH CIRCULAR is available directly from our website, www.thesouthcircular.com only. Buy it directly from the Shop page.

Who else is involved in bringing THE SOUTH CIRCULAR to my device? 
We use a delivery agent called Easy Digital Downloads to store each issue of THE SOUTH CIRCULAR and actually send it to your email address/device. We also use Paypal to handle your purchasing of each issue of THE SOUTH CIRCULAR. Easy Digital Downloads and Paypal talk to each other while your purchase is being processed and your issue really shouldn’t get lost between them. If it doesn’t turn up, contact THE SOUTH CIRCULAR directly.

I bought THE SOUTH CIRCULAR epub but my PC/laptop/Mac doesn’t recognise the file it’s in. What’s wrong? 
THE SOUTH CIRCULAR epub file is only readable on mobile devices like iPhones, Android phones and iPads. Your PC/laptop/Mac just can’t open it. If this happens, contact THE SOUTH CIRCULAR directly.

I bought THE SOUTH CIRCULAR epub using my iPhone/Android/iPad but it still won’t open for me. What’s wrong with it? 
Have you downloaded iBooks (for iPhone & iPad) or Aldiko (for Android) before attempting to open THE SOUTH CIRCULAR epub file? Use the following guide to help you open it. If not, contact THE SOUTH CIRCULAR directly.

I’d like to buy a yearly subscription. What should I do? 
We haven’t yet mastered the art of offering our customers an advance subscription service. Mostly this has to do with the delivery tool we are currently using. We must consider all aspects of THE SOUTH CIRCULAR before we can create the best subscription method for you. So, we ask you to be patient with us. We will figure this out very, very soon.

Why isn’t THE SOUTH CIRCULAR available for Kindle or through the Amazon store, like every other self-published e-book?
THE SOUTH CIRCULAR is not a self-published e-book. Each issue is a selection of stories submitted to the publisher by authors. Although we’ve studied them closely, we don’t consider the journal in the same category of digital publishing as self-published authors. Like many, we’re not keen on the percentages offered by Amazon. But more importantly, we want to deliver these carefully chosen stories directly to you.

I can’t get past the Paypal purchase page. What should I do? 
This is most likely a problem with your own Paypal account or lack of. Sometimes we get notification from Paypal of a problematic purchase and in this case Easy Digital Downloads will not send your issue of THE SOUTH CIRCULAR. But once the problem with Paypal has been rectified, we will be notified and can send you THE SOUTH CIRCULAR directly.

I’ve done everything you told me to do and I still haven’t received/can’t open THE SOUTH CIRCULAR. 
Contact THE SOUTH CIRCULAR directly. We’ll go through the process with you step by step and do our absolute best to resolve the problem.

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