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Changes to our Shop

Around the time issue 6 was published in June, we noticed (and you probably did too) that many readers who tried to purchase THE SOUTH CIRCULAR had some major headaches receiving the correct links to download it. We were just as frustrated by these glitches as you were so we set about fixing them as soon as we could.

We moved digital distributor to Easy Digital Downloads. Now when you purchase an issue or issues of THE SOUTH CIRCULAR, you will automatically receive both the ePub and the PDF version of those issues (for the same €3.00). No matter what device you are using to read THE SOUTH CIRCULAR, you can pick the format most suitable to your own device, after you’ve received the link.

This change also means you can focus on which writers you want to read, rather than trying to decide in which version you should read it.

So, if you purchased an issue of THE SOUTH CIRCULAR that never turned up or never really worked, please let us know and we’ll send you an updated version for your reading pleasure.


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