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Mary Costello, The China Factory

We’ve just started reading Mary Costello’s The China Factory, recently longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award. From the off, it’s clear who Costello’s influences are: Alice Munro, Raymond Carver, Colm Tóibín and maybe even Anne Enright. In fact, in her review of the collection, Enright said: Like Alice Munro, Costello is not afraid of […]

Issue 3’s Sarah Bodil & Electric Literature

Issue 3’s cover artist Sarah Bodil, animated Seth Fried’s The Adventure of the Space Traveler for Electric Literature’s Single Sentence Animations. We couldn’t be happier about nabbing a creator connected to this most esteemed NY digital publication. Displaying the kind of collaborative canny we can only drool over, EL explain these projects thus: In this video […]

Rewriting Sheila Heti’s ‘How Should a Person Be?’

This interview with Sheila Heti was the first we found of her new novel, How Should a Person Be? one of the most popular releases this summer. We were intrigued to discover that the book first came out in Canada in September 2011 (published by House of Anansi Press) and that for the republication in the […]

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s original North Shore

Before he got as far as the Long Island Sound, the genetics of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary heroines were mapped in his mind in 1915 when he first began a romance with one Ginevra King, socialite and member of the Big Four, Lake Forest, Illinois’ four-woman strong celebrity clique. Ginevra and her three inseperable friends, […]

Issue 1

Editor’s note issue 1

As recently as two years ago it was put to me that short stories are a hard, if not impossible sell. In general, readers prefer novels and their expanse; agents prefer to talk up whole and intricate narratives; publishers can brand a novel simply and with one succinct tagline and foreign publishers and foreign readers […]


To begin and to go on

It was at the stand of the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB), at the 18th Beijing International Book Fair last September, that I met Gert Jan Pos, a Dutch comic strips promoter. He was so kind to give me a tour of the entire Dutch stand. The BKVB commissioned him […]