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Our readers for issue 11 are awesome folk!

In a new, sporadic and entirely irregular addition to our blogging behaviour, we’ve decided to introduce to you our readers for issue 11 (published 26 March 2015). Handpicked from in and outside of the book world, they brought personality, honesty and humour to the process of picking the five stories we eventually decided to publish. We may […]

Editor's note

Editor’s note issue 11

What I’m striving for is authenticity; none of it is real. – WG Sebald I mean that the self-referentiality of my novel is a way of exploring how fiction functions in our real lives—for good and for ill—not a way of mocking fiction’s inability to make contact with anything outside of itself. My concern is […]

We’ve been nominated!

‘Five Days to Polling Day’, a story by Danielle McLaughlin, originally published in issue 8 of THE SOUTH CIRCULAR in December 2013, has been shortlisted for the 2014 Short Story of the Year Award. The winner will be announced at the Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards on 26 November. Danielle joins award-winning Irish […]

The South Circular issue 10 July 2014 cover © Aleana Egan

Editor’s note issue 10

Sing with the voice your god gave you. But know your song before you take to the stage. In 1997, I auditioned for my secondary school’s annual musical show. I was in transition year, a time of academic, creative and legal experimentation. Or, as it is often called, a doss year. Lacking any friendships that […]

When Ira Glass came to Dublin

‘Reinventing Broadcast Journalism’ It’s no secret my love for radio these days, having spent most of the last twelve months plugged into on-demand podcasts like You Made it Weird, Here’s the Thing and the New Yorker fiction podcast. And such is the effect of This American Life (from here on referred to as TAL) on a […]

The South Circular issue 8 cover © Meg Turner detail

Editor’s note issue 8

The short story is dead. Long live the short story. Rather, the short story as you or I have known it. No, that’s not entirely correct either. What I mean to say is the reputation of the short story as you or I have known it is dead. As Kevin Barry described the recent state […]

Editor’s note issue 7

It’s that time of year again: school’s back. Little people are taking one of their many steps towards becoming hopeful, positive contributors to this world. For the healthy and watched-over, theirs is a compact world, punctured only occasionally by unfamiliar adults, places or impulses. For the neglected, it’s a constant confusion of adults, places and […]

Changes to our Shop

Around the time issue 6 was published in June, we noticed (and you probably did too) that many readers who tried to purchase THE SOUTH CIRCULAR had some major headaches receiving the correct links to download it. We were just as frustrated by these glitches as you were so we set about fixing them as […]